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IMC's BAN BAM Podcast Ep 7 with Izumi Kimura

May 24, 2021 Izumi Kimura Season 1 Episode 7
IMC's Creative About Music Podcast
IMC's BAN BAM Podcast Ep 7 with Izumi Kimura
Show Notes

Welcome to a new episode of IMC’s weekly BAN BAM podcast, where we explore creative work from inspiration to execution, through conversations with a host of women working in jazz and creative improvised music today. 

Our guest today is Izumi Kimura, a celebrated pianist, improviser and collaborator based in Co. Wicklow. 

We explore her musical background, from strict classical training to free improvisation, as well as her reverse compositional approach that is reflective of her intuitive artistry and attitude of acceptance of all ideas, music and collaborators. As well as an interesting reflection of the long road to becoming 'free', personally and musically, to arriving at a place of full expression.

Born in Japan, but based in Ireland for over 25 years, Kimura is a much-respected figure in the Irish music scene, acclaimed for her gentle but fearless improvisational approach.
 Her stand out collaborations of recent years include a continuing relationship with jazz heavyweights Barry Guy and Gerry Hemingway, as well as an intuitive connection with Irish improvising violinist Cora Venus Lunny.
Her upcoming album 'Folding' with Lunny and sound artist Anthony Kelly is released on 1st July 2021 through Farpoint Recordings, with pre-orders from June 3rd.

The featured track ‘For Stephen’ is a lullaby for a baby who was born January 10th and died February 19th 1972, in a Mother and Baby Home. 

Baby Stephen lies in an unmarked ‘pauper’s grave’ in Deansgrange Cemetery.

Improvised Music Company (IMC) is an Irish Arts Council funded resource organisation for Irish and Irish-based jazz musicians, and a specialist promoter of jazz, improvised and ethnic music in Ireland.  

BAN BAM is an activity which began in 2017 to develop and support the work of women in jazz and improvised music, particular female instrumentalists and composers which are underrepresented in this genre.

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