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IMC's BAN BAM Podcast Ep 9 with Emilie Conway

June 08, 2021 Emilie Conway Season 1 Episode 9
IMC's Creative About Music Podcast
IMC's BAN BAM Podcast Ep 9 with Emilie Conway
Show Notes

Welcome to a new episode of IMC’s weekly BAN BAM podcast, where we explore creative work from inspiration to execution, through conversations with a host of women working in jazz and creative improvised music today. 

Our guest today is jazz singer, composer and lyricist Emilie Conway from Dublin.

We chat about how music has been a guiding light for her throughout her life, as a person with serious visual impairment. She shares about her interdisciplinary approach to creativity and recent projects including a commission by the National Gallery of Ireland 'Music for Mondrian',   as well as her passion for working with children and young people.

Emilie also mentions a Covid-lockdown children's music video collaboration 'It All Works Out' with St. Colmcille's S.N.S. - you can enjoy that lovely piece here!

Emilie Conway is an award winning jazz singer, composer and lyricist . Her music is informed and complemented by her love of literature, poetry, sound and silence. She blends her own compositions, spoken word / poetry, with improvised or composed music and her interpretation of familiar and less familiar jazz standards.

Emilie’s current projects centre around her quest to continuously develop as a vocal jazz artist through deepening her collaborative relationship with her long-standing musicians, Johnny Taylor, Dominic Mullan and Barry Donohue through careful choice of creatively challenging and innovative projects in inspiring contexts and settings.
She is a passionate advocate for disability rights within the arts, and has been funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council for her creative work in this area.

Improvised Music Company (IMC) is an Irish Arts Council funded resource organisation for Irish and Irish-based jazz musicians, and a specialist promoter of jazz, improvised and ethnic music in Ireland.  

BAN BAM is an activity which began in 2017 to develop and support the work of women in jazz and improvised music, particular female instrumentalists and composers which are underrepresented in this genre.

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