IMC's Creative About Music Podcast

IMC's BAN BAM Podcast Ep 10 with Sarah Raine

June 14, 2021 Improvised Music Company Season 1 Episode 10
IMC's Creative About Music Podcast
IMC's BAN BAM Podcast Ep 10 with Sarah Raine
Show Notes

Welcome to a new episode of IMC’s weekly BAN BAM podcast, where we explore creative work from inspiration to execution, through conversations with a host of women working in jazz and creative improvised music today. 

Our guest today is researcher and author Dr. Sarah Raine.

We talk about her roots in anthropology and museum work, dance, and her interest in the experiences of women in music. She shares thoughts about women, and the representation of women in different roles in jazz, from the very young stages of education and upwards, and the context of gender expectations in society. We discuss giving voices to women through her research, and exploring darker issues such as sexual harassment of women in music. 

Dr. Sarah Raine is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Ethnomusicology at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (University of Limerick), working on a variety of projects including Festiversities. She also continues to contribute to a research project at Edinburgh Napier University (PLACE Scottish Government funded) mapping the jazz and blues scenes in Scotland. In 2019, Sarah completed a Midlands3Cities Creative Economy Engagement Fellowship, working in collaboration with Cheltenham Jazz Festival on their Keychange pledge and a gender balanced schedule by 2022. More generally, Sarah specialises in the study of multigenerational music scenes, focusing in particular on issues of gender, generation, authenticity, and history. She is also the co-Managing Editor of Riffs, a Book Series Editor for Equinox Publishing, and an editor for Jazz Research Journal. In addition to a range of articles and book chapters, she is the author of Authenticity and Belonging in the Northern Soul Scene (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) and the co-editor of Towards Gender Equality in the Music Industry (Bloomsbury, 2019) and The Northern Soul Scene (Equinox Publishing, 2019). 

Improvised Music Company (IMC) is an Irish Arts Council funded resource organisation for Irish and Irish-based jazz musicians, and a specialist promoter of jazz, improvised and ethnic music in Ireland.  

BAN BAM is an activity which began in 2017 to develop and support the work of women in jazz and improvised music, particularly female instrumentalists and composers, who are underrepresented in this genre.

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