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IMC's Blind Date Jazz Episode 2: Izumi Kimura + Lina Andonovska

August 09, 2021 Improvised Music Company Season 2 Episode 2
IMC's Creative About Music Podcast
IMC's Blind Date Jazz Episode 2: Izumi Kimura + Lina Andonovska
Show Notes

Welcome to the second Blind Date Jazz episode of IMC’s Creative About Music Podcast. For this musical blind date, we paired up pianist Izumi Kimura with flautist Lina Andonovska.

Each episode in Blind Date Jazz is a new encounter between 2 artists , playing ‘blind’ with no knowledge who the other person is, no advance preparation or even an indication of instrumentation. Half way through we drop the curtain and they can see who their new improvising partner is -can we hear a change in the music? 

Japanese-born, Irish-based pianist Izumi Kimura has worked with many of the top names in contemporary and improvised music and performed all over the world, and is praised by the Irish Times for her “heroic level of technical fearlessness”.

Her most recent release is ‘Floating’, in collaboration with Cora Venus Lunny and Anthony Kelly on the Farpoint Recordings label:
Find more of her work at her website 

Lina Andonovska has been an important figure in contemporary music for some time now and has built a reputation as a flute-player who is equally at home in contemporary jazz and classical music. She has been especially prominent in Ireland where she has played with groups such as Crash Ensemble, and performed works by Irish composers such as Ann Cleare, Linda Buckley, Anna Murray and Michael Gallen.
Check out her album ‘A Way A Lone A Last’ at
Find other work at

You can watch this Blind Date Jazz in full video form on our YouTube channel: 

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Thanks to Justin Carroll's Togetherness for our podcast theme - the track is their 'Feelgood Factor' from 2009 album 'Togetherness'. You can listen to the rest here: